Verona Unesco World Heritage Site – Touristic town in Italy

Verona unescco world heritage site in italyVerona, one of the most visited town in Italy, was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO becouse  “In its urban structure and its architecture, Verona is an outstanding example of a town that has developed progressively and uninterruptedly over two thousand years, incorporating artistic elements of the highest quality from each succeeding period. (..) Verona represents in an exceptional way the concept of the fortified town at several seminal stages of European history

Verona UNESCO World Heritage Site is a town of about 260.000 inhabitants in the Venetian region. It is located at 60 mt on the sea level at the foot of the Lessini mounts and facing the Padana plain, where the Adige river slows down in two large loops that allowed the town to be well defended since its foundation.

Since the roman times, when four consular roads intersected, till today Verona has been a main road junction: the location of the town is strategic between  Venice-Milan-Turin est-westbound and between Brenner-Modena-Bologna-Rome North-southbound. Two main highways cross in Verona: the A4 Milano-Venezia Highway (exits VERONA Est and VERONA Sud) and the A22 Modena-Brennero (exit VERONA Nord). At the Railway Station of Porta Nuova the main railway lines Brenner-Bologna-Rome and Venice-Milan-Turin and the two regional lines Verona-Mantua-Modena and Verona-Rovigo converge.

The International Valerio Catullo Airport of Verona is Located at about 7 km from the city center in Villafranca di Verona.

The clima is continental, with cold winters and hot summers, being December-Januar the coldest mounths with a minimum average temperature of about -1°C and July-August the hottest with a maximum average temperature of about 30°C. The relative humidity is quite high during all the year.

Today Verona UNESCO World Heritage Site is an important and dynamic city, very active in terms of economy being part of the hardworking so called Nord-Est of Italy. The economy is supported by a nework of medium-small industrial, commercial, trade, food and service businesses, with some international big companies as well, the agriculture and food processing beiing the main Sector together with tourism.

Becouse of its artistic and architectural value Verona UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most visited town in Italy, very well known in all the world.

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